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Northern New Jersey and Beyond!
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Lisa has been steadfast about her love of photography and the joy it brings the people when she has captured special moments and emotions. Lisa has traveled to the former Soviet Union, Great Britain, Africa, Pacific Northwest, as well as taking images on her way to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Her vision for new ideas and the emotions of the moment bring forth her ability to connect with and capture her subjects in the most passionate way possible. She believes that photography isn’t just about the expression of the person being photographed but the connection the photographer makes with that moment.

For her, catching those moments for you and your family will be something she does with great love and pride.

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just want to say that I want to be able to capture a moment, a feeling, or a special event in a unique and heart felt way.For babies...there is no such think as a time frame....the images are captured at the baby's convenience....of course!

For families, children and pets..... consideration for their tolerance level and the amount of time that can be tolerated by them is certainly kept in mind.

My experience as a teacher has given me the patience to understand the situation and I make sure the time either short or longer makes our time capturing that moment work!

For pricing...this will vary due to all of the different variables that go into the package or service that you want.I am excited to hear from you and capturing that very special moment.

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